About Dr. Allana Da Graca

Dr. Allana Da Graca is an educator and artist who loves to inspire individuals to become the very best they can be. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and attended the Sharon Public Schools as a Metco student. She navigated between the urban and rural realities of young adulthood and became involved in the civic engagement of her community. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and freelanced at Black Entertainment Television. A teacher at heart, Dr. Da Graca attended Emerson College where she researched and developed an educational project as the Director of  the Circle of Girls program. She taught young adults the value of education, persistence and civic responsibility. She extended her love for community and served the Irish Immigration Center as a Cross Cultural Organizer bridging communal ties through brown bag lunches and community events like the annual Black and Green.

Dr. Da Graca has recently returned to Boston after living in Atlanta for nine years. She recently began teaching at Bentley University as an Assistant Professor as an Effective Speaking Instructor. She also has taught graduate students at Walden University in the College  of Systems and technology. She has had the pleasure of teaching at Lesley University, Bauder College and the Westminster Schools (8-12th). She continues to write and produce indie books, academic publications, and digital courses as a way to extend the belief that anyone can persist towards reaching new personal heights. She has led lectures, webinars, panels, workshops, presentations, collaborations and more. Dr. Da Graca is the recipient of the Robert C. Ford fellowship and contributing author of the first Encyclopedia of Online Learning. She is an active member of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Alumni Board of Directors.

As an artist she loves to gain inspiration from all of the travel and workshops she has conducted in the past. She has had the pleasure of living in Portugal for nine months where she decided to tap into her love of creative writing after a 13 year hiatus.  You will never know what a Dr. Da Graca presentation will entail because her creative approach provides dynamic authenticity! Dr. Da Graca will be conducting local readings of her latest books, Chronicles of A Poet and Tomorrow Can't Wait. Her themes for 2017 are the following:

1. Women Build Confidence

2. Personal and Professional Coaching

3. Digital Training

Please contact us if you would like to collaborate around any one of these themes.  Thanks for stopping by!

Institutions Served

Boston City Lights Performing Arts Company (Paris/London Exchange Program)
Boston Youth Clean up Core
Bunker Hill Community College
Duke Ellington School for the Arts
Gallaudet University
Harvard University
Generations Incorporated
Outward Bound
Project Think Different
The Public Welfare Foundation
Citistates Round Table Discussion
City Schools
Community Change
Fessenden Schools
Freedom Hounse Project
Irish Immigration Center Women of the Rainbow Project
Lynn English High
Massachusetts Student Government Alliance
Museum of African American History
Sharon High School
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Wellesley College
Boston University
Simmons College
Urban League
Project Think Different
United Way Community Strategic Plan
Maude P. Ragsdale Library (Women Self Confidence Series/Teen Girls)
Westwood College
Bauder College
Paulding County/ Taylor Farms Park
Habitat for Humanity
United Way
Girl Scouts of America