My Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been invited to join the #mywritingprocess blog tour by Kaolin, the author who wrote Talking About Race: A Workbook About White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives ( I met Kaolin as an undergraduate student at the U...

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Many of us are bombarded with commercials that make us loathe the thought of getting older. In addition to this our fast pace life of cell phones and social media messages consistently demand our attention. The demand to balance time with family, friends and career goals can seem daunting.

As a chi...

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Consider to pace yourself when setting new goals. The desire to complete everything on a given checklist is admirable. This week I have been busy with writing, grading, editing, and coaching. I have a few deadlines to meet with new articles I have been working on but realized I needed to stop and pr...

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Dr. D

No one cares to simply read another bombardment of words that are so polished that “reality” is removed

No one cares to keep seeing the hundreds of selfies that were taken at the last event or in the mall

No one cares about long titles that echo separation from any sense of unity

No on...

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The truth about Lucy’s picture

She stared at the photo of a stranger who was placed in an Instagram photo in the arms of one she did not know
In this photo was the image of a provider standing with a loving child
This was a stark contrast to the abandonment and loss this woman felt
The Little girl w...

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