Foster mother seemed like a monster to me.  She was the female version of Hulk. A giant that I hoped I could escape from.  I stared at anything that would show my reflection to understand what made me so unacceptable.  Caretaker told me I was not worth hugging because I was too black for anyone to care.  She reminded me that my father would never accept me either as he believed I was a curse for his reputation.

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The day you left is one I will never forget

I waited for 18 years to hear your words

A moment where you could look me in the eyes


A time when your words mattered

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing with the Bandalhos band for a birthday bash of a dear friend. At the onset of joining this band I was a bit intimidated because rock music was not necessarily my forte. Ask me to sing the Jazz of Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn and I would do so without hesitation. When I heard that the set list would include songs from the likes of Gary Moore and Guns N’ Roses I almost said no altogether. 

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