My research in education has taught me that there are choice patterns that individuals follow that determine the success or failure of reaching a particular milestone in life. Milestones can be viewed as the necessary steps a person must complete in a satisfactory manner to arrive at personal or professional success. With that said, one can become unsettled at the consistent pattern of not having met anticipated goals. This dissatisfaction may take the form of job loss, failed projects that don’t meet initial goals, withdrawal from an academic institution, or stagnation of some sort that thwarts initial desires. We can say it was the “Glass Ceiling” or work politics that have held us back from reaching goals but even that rationale can send us in a downward spiral. When we look at innovative people we can see the common denominator of persistence that allowed them to move beyond mental limitations. We all love the light bulb, but never think about the many failed attempts that Thomas Edison had before his light bulb invention. We can think about planes, but hardly remember the journey Amelia Earhart had to surpass the goals of being the first woman to take flight. We may spread peanut butter on our slice of bread without thinking about the prayer George Washington Carver had to find “one way” to be useful on the earth.

Each person here had a reason to doubt their potential. I did not even include the time period that these individuals lived in to suggest the limitations of the times these individuals had to endure. Lastly, the predetermination of success is not one of an individual driving on a paved road without any potholes or bumps along the way. Inherently, there will always be a risk involved when choosing to step beyond the veil of comfort. My research of persistence highlights that individuals may fear to take additional risks if they have failed in past attempts.

What are your mental limitations? How can you remove old thought patterns from robbing you from reaching future goals? Consider to wipe the slate clean and re-position your internal lens to realize today could be a new beginning! You may have something very unique to contribute to your family, profession or society. If either of these individuals stopped their pursuits there we may had have losses today in our daily realities. Personally, I love peanut butter and could not imagine life without an occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I could only imagine the women who questioned of Ms. Earhart was living out the daily conventions of her day despite her dreams to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. Lastly, Carver had plenty of reasons to thwart his dream of pioneering in agriculture having had the slave experience to speak for his earliest memories. Yet everyone persisted through their impeding challenges.

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