Book Pre-Launch: Why Tomorrow Can’t Wait
Dr. Allana Da Graca

I began writing my latest self-help book Tomorrow Can’t Wait two years ago.  I remember this vividly as I was at a place of introspection.  I thought of all of the that people would say, “You have completed so much in your life and now you can return to some of the normal routines of life.” But what did that mean?  Completing the doctorate was a five year process.  My opponents to online education would not understand the vigor and self-determination that stems from the individualized learning process of completing research in this manner, but there were weekends when I was locked in my basement with research and writing.  I did not have time to go to the occasional network events, social parties, and beyond.  I was grappling the conceptual framework of persistence relative to academic achievement.


I had the students that I had taught in the past ten years in my mind. I had the student who could not read but was enrolled in fifth grade in my mind.  Understanding the mechanisms as to how one may view themselves shined the light as to why so many individuals were performing less than what they were capable of.

Again, in my introspection I pondered the question, “What would happen if I spent the next 120 days focusing on me?”  What would happen if I stopped allowing negative life experiences to rob me of reaching new goals today? Please watch and listen to my Lyrical narrative of this in the piece. If you like it press like:)

120 Day Life Transformation poem


Upon graduating I had a few life experiences which caused me to observe my own life in an authentic manner. Was I living my truth? Did I feel that I still had resentment from past decisions? These questions allowed me to head to Starbucks and write my first paragraph of Tomorrow Can’t Wait. I chose this title because of the way we continue to put things off. We may say, “I know this idea, project, person or thing is important to me, but I will get to it tomorrow.”  Unfortunately the idea of waiting to do something until the next day can manifest into years. How many projects have we started and not completed? How many letters of encouragement were we “Supposed” to write and forgot?

We cannot beat ourselves up if we have procrastinated to the point stagnation, but we can decide to make one small step towards being the best we can be.  If we have a beautiful voice then why not call a few friends over and have a mini-concert? If you bake, why not offer to bake a cake for a friend’s wedding?  If you are someone with an administrative gift consider to offer your skills to someone who is not as organized.

Isn’t it funny that we think the true change means climbing mountains we are not prepared for? If we are honest we have all of the tools we need to begin making life changes today. Start where you are. Consider to list areas in your life that you would like to grow in.  Well known speaker Les Brown commented that the richest place in the earth is in the grave because of all of the unfulfilled dreams that went along with the people who past away.

We can move past resentment and regret if we stop putting our dreams in the forecast of tomorrow.
I hope you will consider to rally around this forthcoming book by participating in the interactive process of building a new life for yourself.

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