I love working out but every now and then I may find myself in a sluggish mode. I sit on the couch and rationalize all the reasons I should not go. I tell myself I can do exactly the same movements I would do at the gym in my living room. Unfortunately, every professional trainer knows that complacency in fitness is the biggest challenge towards reaching fitness goals. When someone reaches a plateau it is because they have completed a milestone in training that the body has gotten used to.

Yesterday I decided to return to the gym with new goals in mind. Personally, I hate group classes. I would rather get on the treadmill and run to the sounds of hip-hop, house, or global music blasting in my ears. I realized that I needed a change of routine, so decided to take a spinning class. The instructor used her voice at a maximum level to get us going!

Near the end of the spin class we were all hypothetically turning the controls on our bikes to make the impression that we were climbing on a terrain. In that moment I looked to the floor and noticed a pool of sweat. The sweat was a result of the earlier decision made to step out of my comfort zone. I realized in that moment the importance of solid coaching. Sometimes we need a coach to help us move beyond our personal limitations. I was glad I went!

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