#IAMIN: Communication Training Helps Women Become Entrepreneurs
 Dr. Allana Da Graca

Individuals have a stronger likelihood of success when they are able to find ways to integrate their passion into the service they offer others.  This practice can positively impact the self-concept of individuals who have the desire to find more contentment in their lives. In my industry of communication and professional development, I have heard the testimonials of women who shared their concerns of a demanding schedule, lack of resources, and limited time as reasons to drop out of training programs. These preexisting needs impact the level of commitment toward personal and professional aspirations over time. Someone with these concerns may feel higher levels of dissatisfaction in life.

In contrast, when individuals find ways to complete tasks they are excited about, they increase their perceptions about attaining personal goals. These types of individuals have found ways to move past obstacles to reach their intended goals with calculated strides. The paradox of goal attainment  comes when the challenge of meeting daily demands and processing new information collides. Sometimes, someone who has signed up for a program is shocked to learn the extra hours of study, observation and analysis that is needed to grow in a given area.Surprisingly, the individual who drops out of training and the one who completes their goals had the initial pursuit as the common denominator.

The difference in the two individuals has everything to do with the way they were able to master their challenges. These challenges (lack of finances, family support, resources, prior knowledge) have a way to impact our emotions to the point of wanting to give up altogether.  When one is ready to reach a goal they may be able to hear to stories of others to help them recognize that their dream may still be possible. Today’s #IAMIN feature will be Kimberly Barriere.

Kimberly Barriere. The way I came into contact with Dr. Allana Da Graca was through college. I was actually a student enrolled in her Speech Communication course at Bauder College (Kaplan). I believe education is important for the following reasons:

First: Education allows us an opportunity to grow and experience new ways of learning. I was able to develop my professionalism, speech techniques and presentation abilities in her class.

Secondly: The course allowed me to explore avenues of entrepreneurship, self-awareness and more. Even more, I learned a lot about myself in the process and gained an abundance of information about the world we live in.

Lastly: Education is the key to success!

If I were speaking to women who had limited finances and wanted to start her own business, I would tell her to go for it. If there is a vision, picture, thought, dream, or imagination it can also be possible! I would say the first step to that is education! The brain is our tool and how we use it determines how far we'll get.

Taken together, we really can reach our professional goals by taking the necessary steps to 1) strengthen communication skills, 2) establish communication distinction, 3) develop persuasive techniques to gain brand awareness, and expand on clientele and provide authentic service. You can always enroll in digital courses to gain expertise in your given field.



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About the #IAMIN Series:

You can transform your mind and life through a process of analysis and introspection. This month, readers will be encouraged by the stories of women who are in the corporate, academic, and digital sectors. They will share their journey and moments of introspection that will encourage and inspire other women to reach their goals. Research has shown that women who have clear goals are more likely to feel a higher level of contentment in their overall life.

I have asked women in my #TCW book club to remember that #iamin suggests we can take full ownership of our future. Hopefully you will say the same as well. Please be sure to follow this blog series for the month of March and share with other women who may be encouraged.

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