Live Beyond Regret

The journey to self-actualization is not easy. The ability to come to a place of balance where we feel that we have mastered a lifelong pursuit or career objective can be daunting.  Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at us all. Our inner desires and goals guide us to find ways to meet our personal ideal of success, but what happens when resentment sets in?  Time has a way to allow resentment  to consume us with memories of past failures  and moments of missed opportunities.

In my poem, "Chronicles of a Poet," I discuss the idea that we all have a "Dracula," to face. I became a "Write-a-Holic," hiding my thoughts in boxes until my dissatisfaction overwhelmed me. I remember the moment clearly as I sat in Portugal and realized the precious gift of time, nature and serenity. I was forced to ask myself true questions as to why I was not consistenly writing or sharing an introspective thought. After I listed every excuse possible (Time, work, resources, distance etc..), I recognized that I had used all of these reasons to confirm why I did not have time to re-direct my thinking. 

I would like to encourage you to continue to pursue some of your personal goals. If you had to conduct a self-check to see your level of contentment as it pertains to the use of a skill or talent, what would your response be? Some people have talents in sports, cooking, designing, and offering support to individuals in need, have given up on developing their gifts because if missed opportunity. Every talent is needed to make our world a better place.  Studies have shown that when individuals are able to find opportunities to serve, they are more likely to persist towards their goals in a positive way.

Self-development can be one strategy to assist the individual who has become demotivated. 

Here is one tip to live beyond regret.

Let Go Of Yesterday!

It is amazing how much we moan about all of our errors and mishaps. Les Brown, a leading motivational speaker, said that he thought he was too old to reach new heights in his speaking career because of the amount of time that had past in between the beginning of his success and thereafter.  He realized that he still had individuals who were looking to be inispired by him. In this same way, consider to remove the doubts you may have about reaching a new goal. Grab your journal and start to discuss your plans to empty the old thoughts for something new!




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