#iScribe Poetry Series: Boston Author Allana Da Graca Has  A New Poetry Book! 


Dr. Allana Da Graca

April is the month of Poetry and I am excited to launch the #iScribe series this month.  For the past two years I have been writing and thinking about the many facets that form our perspective on what we call LIFE.  I challenged myself to go into my closets and pull out the scribbled rants I had about transition, aging, and reaching new goals. The idea of returning to my passion poetry, dance, and more came calling and I listened to my inner voice.  This was not easy at first because I had all the reasons in mind as to why I should be satisfied with my professional life, but inwardly desired to create. Every artist knows that there are two layers of design that ensue the creator. The first layer is the incubation period where one can gather inspiration from nature, music, wisdom, or profound failure. The other piece to this experience is the idea that the work must be SHARED. I do recall reading an article years ago about the scientirifc ramifications for hiding the creativity of an artist. To unveil my personal awakening I decided to write a new book of poetry called, Chronicles of a Poet. The Amazon Kindle book resonates with the reader by highlighting the concerns of many individuals who have past the early 30's. Questions about the future, past resentments, and plans to focus on key goals are highlighted in poems throughout the book. Today's #iScribe poem of the day is Chronicles.



Hidden gems of my truth

15 years of silence

15 years of Writing

My Dracula




A familiar place 2 be


Stagnant Peach

Holding the vase of Resentment

Depression for the blooms

Colloquium dialogue

No transparency

Staring into my Well


Missing the Dreamer

Missing Ideology

Missing my MOMENT

15 years

5475 days of REGRET

525,600 minutes of DOUBT

788,400 minutes of RESENTMENT

All because


Told ME to be NORMAL
I MARRIED the concept

In closets I became a


Telling the secrets

Unveiling my Truths


Welcoming New Mystery


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