I was surprised today by what took place this morning! Normally I go to the Gym and participate in a group fitness class, but the rain kept me inside. I almost did not work out due to the weather, but I knew I had pent up energy to release from the daily rigors of life.

Interestingly, my work out began in solitude and I stretched to the medley of calming and relaxing music. I envisioned myself to be an Alvin Ailey dancer making smooth movements with my torso, arms and legs.  Once I got tired of this “TURBO” woman crept up and I began to envision myself to be a female boxer. My music of inspiration switched to  techno music and I was boxing out life challenges with swift blows to the culprits of life. I began to yell, “Huhhh! UuuHHHH!” The adrenaline rush kicked in and I forgot I was in the basement. The words blaring through the speakers echoed life and vigor. This was exactly what I needed for the rest of my day. I had the movies of  Rockie, and G.I. Jane in my head. I had Billy Blanks, Jillian Michaels, and David Wolfe as my invisible coaches leading me to victory. Wow. What a time!

I ended this home training with some pull ups and crunches. This was a step out of my normal routine.

My Moment of Truth

When life gets tough we have to punch out the challenges through our visualization process. As we exert steam, endorphins are providing and restoring us with energy. As you know I am transitioning to a raw vegan diet and testing to see how this will work in coming weeks. So far So Good! After the workout I had a pea protein shake.


Dr. D Challenge: 

I dare you to put on your favorite dance songs and dance it out as though you were at a club with no one watching. Have fun and I hope you can see and feel the results!

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