I purchased a French language CD to become fluent over night. I played my CD’s in the car, while completing chores and running errands. . I would be happy if I understood my husband speaking and I was able to catch some of his words. The Audio CD experience has been great, but U got tired of trying to figure out where I could copy/paste the little paragraph of French I memorized from my CD’s in a way that was meaningful.

Today I met with a tutor. I wanted to jump in and start telling him all the words I knew. He reminded me to not put the cart before the horse. UGGGGGHHH!!!! How long will it take to be as fluent in French as I am in my own English language?

He reminded me that at this point it is important to be able to be understood. With that said we focused on

Les Articles Indefinis (Indefinite Articles)
Le (Male)
La (female)


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