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I’ve been invited to join the #mywritingprocess blog tour by Kaolin, the author who wrote Talking About Race: A Workbook About White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives ( I met Kaolin as an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in a course on identity and race that she taught.  Today, she is an colleague who stands on her own as a voice for building cohesion and racial harmony in the country.

My instructions are to answer four questions for you:


1. What am I working on?

Writing: I am currently completing my third book, Tomorrow Can’t Wait. This book is being published through iUniverse and so far this process has been rewarding.  This is a forty day guide to help individuals actualize a stronger self through the lens of persistence development.  Each chapter has a section for introspection and analysis.


I am presently recording a podcast version of Tomorrow Can’t Wait.

You can check out all of my recordings at at the following link:



I will be live casting a few meet and greet sessions on YouTube



2. How does my work differ from others of that genre?

My latest book Tomorrow Can’t Wait , is unique because of the personal stories I share about growing up in the city of Boston.  These stories are interesting because they stem out of deep discussions and presentations I had with my former High School and College students. Many of these students would ask me to write these stories out of the desire to remember the lessons learned.  I am able to “Keep it Real,” in the forty day guide, by discussing  my personal journey of gaining self-acceptance.  The book allows readers the opportunity to challenge negative thinking, poor habits and self-defeating behaviors.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I write from an authentic perspective. First, I find writing to be very therapeutic.  My strongest clarity comes when I dare to ask myself “Tough Questions.”  I have learned from my years of teaching that the perception about attaining personal and professional goals stems from individual experiences in the formative years.  I have discussed this with a plethora of young adults and professionals and found there is a trajectory of thinking that must be challenged for individuals to gain more satisfaction in their lives.  I never believe that I can change anyone, but can be used to guide someone to find the answers to questions that some halt to answer.  I also write because I have seen the devastation of abuse, bullying, harassment, hatred, low self-esteem and depression rob individuals from reaching their highest potential. I believe there are many women around the world who sit in quiet spaces wondering if their dreams, desires, hurts and resentments matter.

I write for “Abandoned” souls. I think of young adults who sit in classrooms on a daily basis with the idea that they are just a number. I think of urban students who dodged bullets to get home in time for dinner.  Lastly, I write for the adults returning to school for a brighter future.

Women-I have a passion for motivating women to live lead authentic lives. The challenge of managing personal and professional responsibilities can threaten the energy, and passion that makes us so unique.

The next two authors, for the week of June 30,  are Sheila Pope and  Zakyia Watkins. I admire the work of each of them and am pleased to introduce you to them.

Sheila Pope is a PhD candidate at Capella University. She is currently completing her dissertation: A Case Study of How African American Females Obtain and Retain Administrative Positions at Community Colleges. Sheila is also a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPC Intern) and a Licensed Chemical and Dependency Counselor Intern (LCDC Intern).

Sheila Pope is also the author of an e-book entitled, Writing Essentials: Strategies to Master Freshmen English and Writing Placement Exams. This book can be purchased online from Great River Technologies @ (cost $45.00). This book provides its readers with strategies to use to excel on writing placement exams and in college level writing courses. The book also has strategies for students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities that impact writing skills.


Zakyia Watkins, born and raised in Boston MA, is the artist and founder of At Peace Arts. Her art collection inspires viewers to visualize the beautiful moments of life.  Ms. Watkins has completed a series of card collections relative to love, friendship, family and more.  She writes a blog on her website

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