Personal Coaching: Demystify the concept of Aging and Ignite Your Goals


Now that I’m beyond the collegiate and post-graduate years, I notice

advertisements telling me how to soothe the aches and

pains of growing older. For me, the message is, “Allana,

you are getting older.”


Society seems to expect us to just settle down with

age and abandon our favorite dreams. What a contrast to

the energy, passion, and enthusiasm of our high school

and college days, when we were encouraged to grasp the

future and reach for our dreams. Now, even in my thirties,

I find that this cheerleading squad of mentors is fading

into the background.


For example, I remember how shocked we were when

Susan Boyle stood soberly in front of an audience and

sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from the soundtrack of Les

Miserables. She was past her thirties, not wearing the

latest trends, but when she opened her mouth, a passion

emerged from inside and captured our hearts. Many were

moved to tears.


We may face many challenges when we try to maintain

youth and vigor. Indeed, as I grow older, I recognize a

need to make a daily choice so I will keep my childhood

passions strong. On the negative side, if we have gained

weight or lost time due to work or family schedules, we

may feel that it’s too late for us.


Think of it this way. The average American watches at

least twenty-five hours of television a week. If we add the

time we spend on the telephone, social media, or excessive

extracurricular activities, we can see that we have more

time than we think. We find time to spend money on

items we like and travel to special destinations, and even

this confirms that we can strive to do things if we set our

mind to it.


One of my workout buddies has been a real inspiration.

When she started working out, she weighed in close to

three hundred pounds. She was a few months away from

getting a gastric bypass to drop her weight. But first she

decided to sign up with a personal trainer and to workout

consistently. It was really tough for her, for she needed to

cook for three kids while she learned about health and



That’s when I met her in one of my personal training

sessions. As time went on, she lost well over one hundred

pounds. Today we laugh at the number of admirers

who are now praising her for her persistence. We both

acknowledge that the hardest work is often behind closed



Working out together was awesome. We kept each

other accountable and spurred each other on during

sessions. Interestingly, there were many people who started

with us but they eventually stopped coming. Why did

they stop? Again, they mentioned their work schedules

or inability to get to the gym on time. Half of the battle

is overcoming your internal conversations.


When I felt stagnant in my workout routine, I would

buy a new sport suit as an incentive. I would also watch

a good health video about nutrition before eating lunch.

Whenever I chose to eat what the physician recommended,

it would pump me up and leave me feeling like I had

accomplished something special.


In 2012, we returned from a trip to Africa. We were

visiting friends of family in Gabon, where the mother

was set apart from the party because she had Alzheimer’s

disease. As the crowd dwindled, the music

continued to play, and Grandma wanted to join in on the

action. It was so beautiful to see this woman, ninety-eight

years old, dance to her favorite songs as women held her

up for support. Every time these women thought she was

finished, a new song would start and this woman would

beckon with her hips that she wanted to dance more. She

must have danced for seven songs. The women holding

her were excited and tired from holding on, but the spirit

of this lady surpassed her age. She was youthful in her

movements and determined to have her fun!


Nobody knows us like we know ourselves. We have the

power to meet our mental challenges and proactively put a

plan in place to overcome the hurdles of transformation.

Age is just a number. How we treat ourselves governs how

well we exemplify our age.


This excerpt is from the book:

Tomorrow Can’t Wait

-Dr. Allana Dagraca



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