Anything is possible, but how many individuals understand the power of this word? Merriam Dictionary defines this as the ability for something to exist. The idea that something has a potential promise is something we can look to when we may fear not reaching certain goals in life. We can look at a student’s poor grades and state that the trajectory of this student is one towards failure. We may behave and speak to this student in a manner that will surely confirm this outcome.

The test of the word possible can be one where we focus on the“Ability” that is inherent in this very word. How many of us would rather say something is not possible because we are not sure of our “Ability” to change the nature of the course we have been taking for the better? If there is an potential ability to make strides in an area of our life where we have been stagnant, why not continue to try?

Studies have shown that students who show a poor self-concept of their potential may also be heavily influenced by the words of others. If we allow the antagonists of possibility to find their way into our psyche we pause on the further reflection that is needed for strategizing about ways to deflate our mental weakness for change.

What is Possible For You?

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