For the past three years I have taught the lesson of self-value to audiences of women and teenage girls.  One of the lessons that always keeps the room engaged is my discussion about self-value.  I usually begin to ask everyone to highlight the attributes they love about themselves with an additional column to showcase traits they would like to work on.  In most cases, the list of challenging traits will take precedence with the appearance of the participants looking baffled.

At the second phase of the workshop I lead the group in the discussion of explaining the distinctions between going to eat dinner at a fast food joint or a restaurant of luxury. In most cases, the young ladies will begin to sit upright, and change their facial features to discuss the elements of eating at a notable restaurant.  Then I would say, “Isn’t it funny that when we go to an place of luxury how much our demeanor and disposition changes? If we know how to do this, why do we not allow people to treat us as though we are five star?”It is always amazing to see the looks on participants’ faces as they recognize in one way or another that they have a “Choice” to re-locate negative patterns of decision-making to reach academic and personal milestones.

We all have areas in our lives that may need some improvement, but we can remind ourselves that we can be our best friend or worst enemy when it comes to how we perceive our internal selves.  The next time you are able to sit in a hotel of luxury, consider to see how valuable you really are!

Dr. D

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