It really hurts my heart that thousands of our students are in a place where bullying is a norm.  Bullying is the foundation of unexpressed pain.  With that said, we can easily look at the patterns of human behavior to find that the experiences of childhood has a strong impact on the way we perceive ourselves and others.      Image

In education we know that what we say and allow in our classrooms has an strong impact on how each student develops in the class.  There are many stories in media that have discussed the suicide of students who could not bear consistent moments of verbal violence. What would happen if we assisted students with the “Rebuttal” for the bully?

When does bullying happen?

1. Before school

2. During Recess

3. School Bus Rides

What would happen if the person being bullied could respond in this fashion?

Stand Up

“ You can continue to call me (You NAME IT), but the power of your Words will not be accepted! These are words that you are trying to use to make me feel helpless and hopeless. These are words that do not hurt me because I am loved and supported.  I am not held in the shackles of how you see me.  I really hope that one day you will face your giants and learn to love yourself!When I inform my community it is not because I am scared but because I am loved.”

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