Many of us are bombarded with commercials that make us loathe the thought of getting older. In addition to this our fast pace life of cell phones and social media messages consistently demand our attention. The demand to balance time with family, friends and career goals can seem daunting.

As a child I would marvel at the stoic faces of the adults as they looked like they were miserable each morning. I could not understand why there was such a look of boredom on the faces of commuters during rush hour. I can recall thinking, “Why does everyone look so blue?”

Now as the adult I can recognize the varying influences that can rob that childlike energy that came as natural as a young person. The demands of paying bills, staying afloat at the job and managing curve balls (Personal, relational or medical challenges) can leave us feeling hopeless and “Lost” .

Truly if our heart is beating, we have potential for a more fulfilling life. Perhaps a stroll outside, or a good laugh can catapult us into learning new things. I was amazed to learn of a ninety year old lady who was still living on her own and striving to meet new goals. She did not see life challenges as a reason to stop creating new goals. We can all learn from this lady.

If you feel lost in your life consider these following actions:


  • Journal
  • Try to complete one activity today of something you love
  • Find an old card from a loved one and pretend you are receiving it for the very first time

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