Consider to pace yourself when setting new goals. The desire to complete everything on a given checklist is admirable. This week I have been busy with writing, grading, editing, and coaching. I have a few deadlines to meet with new articles I have been working on but realized I needed to stop and press the PAUSE button. It’s amazing when I am on the cusp of working on a new project how much more energy I have to continue to create. Although this was tempting for me, I recognized that the ABUNDANCE of adrenaline could potentially be counterproductive without taking a break from these written and creative projects. It is usually in the silence of relaxation when a flood of ideas come to surface and lead me me in a balanced state of being.

It is still hard to silence my mind, thoughts and actions. Indeed, we all feel better after a much needed break. Responsible working is good for leading a balanced life. I am still working on this so it will take some time. I also recognize that when we set goals we can look at overarching themes and establish steps towards getting there that are realistic. One must not sign up for a 10k after being in the gym for six hours. Time, consistency and patience are skills that build the needed endurance to arrive at a long term goal.

Set Goals Today!
Take Breaks!
Work on Consistency!

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