So this morning I decided I would jump back on the health wagon. This past week I said screw the diet,  I am “Going All In.”  I mentally stated, “No smoothie, no salad, beans or nuts!”  I want to go back to the good ole days of eating apple pie, ice cream, chips, cookies (Gluten free…lol) potatoes, fried food and more.  This food is havoc on my metabolism and enhances inflammatory actions that impact me in a negative manner. After six years of battling the bulge, inflammation challenges and more it can be a challenge to making the habit of eating an consistent aspect of life.   In addition to this, I hate to have to always have my own bag of lettuce, carrots, natural snacks in my bag because the hosts of meetings, and seminars assume that everyone wants a sugary snack, breakfast of processed deli meat to help us keep our attention at functions.  There I am reaching into my bag to take out carrots and nuts.  I usually feel like quite the odd ball.   This particular weekend when I opened the fridge the vegees looked like my enemy.  They were boring, and they did not invite me in to say, “Oooohh I cannot wait to have these raw carrots!” I was angry.

As I indulged in all of this food, I could feel my belly taking to me. If it could speak it would have asked me, “Hey we were on a good rhythm, what is going on in here?” I soon realized that when we make changes for the better it does not mean we will not have any temptation.  All that to say, if you indulged in that “Forbidden” place  in your diet that you swore you would never retreat to remember to forgive yourself.

This morning I opened the fridge and pulled out all of my greens. I placed them in the blended and heated them for two minutes.  It was an interesting morning. I decided I would have no to consume sugar, bread, or starch today.  I eat not for enjoyment but to nourish this body.  Keep it up!

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