One of the ways I am able to stay motivated with healthy eating is by watching videos of studies that investigate the plant based diet to that of a traditional one.  I was fascinated when I found Dr. Gabriel Cousens and his work with helping his patients reverse Diabetes. He worked with Diabetes patients who had Type I and Type II diabetes.  Within the first week of his program there was a drastic change in their glucose levels that showed the impact of eating an raw food diet.

Dr. Cousens is an Doctor trained in both traditional and holistic applications of medicine.  With that said, I could appreciate his focus on the applied research of disease formation and the fuel that sugar has on the cells in our body.  Many of us cognitively understand the purpose of eating well, but I have to say our eating habits also form from the lovely memories, and nostalgic moments we have had with loved ones.  I love pancakes! This memory ensues as I  think of lovely moments of eating this pancakes with  syrup and butter  cascading down the side.  Today, I still struggle with having to cut this down to ten percent of my diet.

Dr. Cousens has a documentary about his patients and I could relate to the participants when they viewed their first day of eating a raw vegan diet.  Bean burgers, sprouts and vegetable juices definitely did not look appealing, but many of these individuals were tired of having to poke themselves with shots of insulin.  I could see that the end goal was what kept many of them going.  I do not have Diabetes but realize this is something that could impact me if I am not careful with my consumption of starches and sugary snacks.

We always tell ourselves, “If I had known what I know now I would have done things completely (You finish the sentence).  So this morning I was able to have a wonderful pea soup (Sounds exciting!). The soup was full of natural seasonings of quinoa,onions, red peppers, okra, pieces of cod, and chia seeds. I see the common denominator with all food plans is the sense of eating what is produced naturally from the earth.  Limiting all foods that come from a box, package or plastic bag are the very first steps I will take to return to optimal health and balance.

Much inflammation can possibly be calmed by what we put in our mouths. Onward with healthy eating!

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