It would be easy for me to go on a trip and gain 10 pounds from eating whatever pastry, burger or fry I could find in route to a destination. Obviously I would not be walking around with whole foods in my back pack. I was not sure how my excursion to visit my friend was going to be. I hate to have to remind my buddies that I eat a restrictive diet and would be annoyed if there were not ample amounts of fruits, and salad for me to indulge in. Not wanting to offend my friends, I would usually indulge in anything that came my way.  To my surprise, my friend really cared and took the time to get fruits, and greens that implicitly showed me how much she wanted me to feel comfortable.  I was actually surprised that she had coconut milk, extra fruits for smoothies and fresh spinach to indulge in.  This was a far cry from my last experience where another friend was annoyed when I asked for a portion of spinach and rolled her eyes when I used the whole bag as a side item for lunch.

There have been times I have attended functions and have had to leave in the midst of socializing to find a grocery store to get fresh vegetables, and fruits in efforts to avoid gluten and milk based products.  This time around I was happy.  Finally, I could maintain my regime without apology. So far this has been great!

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