I have been anticipating the 5k Color Run that will take place here in Atlanta. Honestly, this run is really not about completing a vigorous run. The goal is to get people out and active with hopes of shedding some pounds along the way.   There were some younger people out zooming past me as they were determined to get their morning jog done. I was tempted to find that sixteen year old energy I had and prove my strength by speeding past them. I had to remind myself about the purpose of my run.  Today I was not necessarily feeling like participating with the stamina of an all out run that I normally would.  After pacing myself to complete four rounds of the trail I dared myself to run the last lap.  At this point in the morning the sun was definitely heating up my forehead and the sweat was pouring.  I kept telling myself, “Allana, it is not about how fast you run, but the ability you have to keep going.” I managed to run so slow that I could have just started walking, but my endurance was important to me so quitting was not an option. This can be very applicable to life.

Sometimes we think we can place so much on our to do list that we only aim at knocking the tasks off.  Unfortunately, this can lead to burn out if we use adrenaline in a manner that puts us in an exhaustive state 90% of the time. I am learning that less is more.

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