The truth about Lucy’s picture

She stared at the photo of a stranger who was placed in an Instagram photo in the arms of one she did not know
In this photo was the image of a provider standing with a loving child
This was a stark contrast to the abandonment and loss this woman felt
The Little girl was angry
How could she still feel such pain at fifty?
She detested the man’s curved lips in the photo that resonated the feelings of happiness and eternal hope
This was not her truth
She had longed to be in the arms of this stranger all of her life but to no avail
The facial features to signify their relation to each other angered her even more
Her sadness was fifty years strong
but felt as fresh as it did when she was four
To many the photo signified contentment
To Lucy
This photo identified the mask of truth she harbored for so many years

Dedicated to Foster Children

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