My new self-help book, Tomorrow Can’t Wait, highlights my challenge with receiving the diagnosis of Stage four Endometriosis. I am one of the five million women in this country diagnosed with this uterine condition. The most frustrating aspect of this disease are the painful symptoms that accompany this illness.  Only upon the desire of having children did I realize I had this condition.  For  many years I suffered in silence feeling ashamed of what this condition meant for me.  Why me? I was only in my early thirties when my Doctors led me to take a host of exams and labs to figure out what the root of my pain was.

After seeing a plethora of Doctors I had mixed emotions because I knew something was wrong, but was not clear on what I could do on my end to help manage the symptoms.  There were months I would literally sit near the heater to calm the pain. In a 48hour time period I could pace my pain by watching multiple series of reality television.  After a week I would be exhausted. Now severe endometriosis can cause challenges for women to conceive. The uterine lining begins to grow outside of the uterus and forms in other areas of the body creating antigens that attack the natural abilities for the body to function. With this in mind, I loathed the question, “Why don’t you have children yet?”  I would get angry and wonder why individuals did not first ask how you were doing before they raised the judgment about why conception had not happened for me at my age.  Anyone who has desired a family understands the pain, challenge, withdrawal, isolation, depression and rage that can ensue when you realize that this is your battle. People look at me all the time and say, “But you don’t look like you have anything wrong with you. Why are you taking so long?”

I have heard every mythical rationale of conceiving from caring family members and more, but unless someone really understands the medical and genetic influence of Endometriosis, they may not be aware of how many women with Endometriosis suffer in silence.  After three years of crying every other month, I decided to take my LIFE back.  Why would I allow someone’s perception to rob me of living a full life?  Why would I care what others thought if they cannot control the very cells that run through my body? I had to realize that I had a choice to embrace my present or resent it with comparing my health to others.

Redeeming Notes

If you know of a loved one with Endometriosis or any other female irregularity, please ask them to go to the doctor see if they have any issues with their hormonal health.  If you know of anyone who suffers with Fibroids, PCOS, Breast Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Infertility , or more, consider to send a word of encouragement to let them know that they are in your thoughts. Lastly, even when we get a diagnosis we can still do our part in health and nutrition. I believe that working with Doctor’s and being proactive in understanding any given diagnosis.

This blog is dedicated to all women who live with the diagnosis of  Endometriosis. Stay strong and remember that you are not alone!

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