Posted by Dr Allana Da Graca on Feb 19, 2016

The Danger of Comfort

One of the best trips to Europe that I had was a first class flight to Paris from Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport.  The attendants took extra care to make sure that I was comfortable with customized meal plans, additional pillows, and plenty of leg room for my seat to recline. In this moment I truly was comfortable!  When I think of comfort I sense a quaint feeling that allows my mind to wander with no immediate concern about something extraordinary impacting my solace time.  We can also relate comfort to the work environment where one can master the skills of a new job and get into a rhythm where we cease to acknowledge that we have become stale in our way of thinking and behaving. Can comfort actually damage personal and professional growth?

Many of us have different capacities that allow us to be unique in the different aspects of life that we strive for. Even a genius can find time to do something with more excellence than before.  When we consistently take the same route, eat at the same places, conduct the same daily routines without adaptation, we risk to lose our zest! Taken together, comfort can be damaging when it subconsciously robs us of the ability to shift into new learning.

(Dr. Da Graca travels to Gabon to visit Abondesimba )

Albert Einstein believed that a thought spoken was not complete as this indicates a potential idea taking form. Many of us can recall the chatter where an individual says, “I am really passionate about this area of my life and one day I will eventually like to write a book on this given subject.”  Another person may say, I love to bake cakes, but it is foolish for me to actually think I can make a small business out of something I love. Many people do want to feel fulfilled but often complain that thee daily rigor of life robs one of the time needed to reach new goals.

Many times a person may push away intended goals for the immediacy of taking care of family and personal obligations, but it would be permissible for that same person to strive to find a way to analyze their professional trajectory. Research shows that individuals who find some way towards persisting in an area of interest where there is a level of joy are more likely to retain a position at a given place. Better yet, that person may become positively infectious to be around.

Comfort has a way of making us relax but complacency unchecked has a long term impact that is often met with resentment. My latest book, Tomorrow Can’t Wait, is a book that challenges individuals to live in the moment with a desire to live a purposeful life.  We cannot be all that we can be if we are unwilling to walk the tight rope of change. Consider to try taking a vacation someplace new this year, instead of the annual trip to the same spot you have visited for the past ten years. You can view my challenging journey to a small village in Central Africa as I was challenging myself to step out of comfort.  Learn a new language and explore all of the idioms of a culture that is unlike your own. Work on one area in your life that you have said you would focus on each year but have not had time to do it.

Abientot! (See you Soon)

Dr. Allana Da Graca

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