By nature I am someone who loves to be solemn in my time of introspection.  I have always been this way.  Honestly if I could build everything on my own I would. This determined spirit is good but does not always work for the best of us.  I remember a woman who wanted to attend one of my empowerment seminars. She had been battling depression and her Doctor told her that a group like this would be a good starting point for her.  She began to say, ” Why do I need to pay for something like this when I can watch the solutions about this on Oprah?”  Indeed, she had a good point.  If she could watch a thirty minute video and get three or four Aha moments out of the show this would be fine.

What happens when the show is over? What happens when you take the sheet of paper with the notes from the program and are not able to truly process the type of strategy it would take to see action oriented results? All of us can watch an process of thought and appreciate the concept that this brings.  Breaking cycles of behavior is difficult.  Studies have shown that the collaborative process of learning compels individuals to speak from their gut. How many of us remember certain moments in our life that was the most impactful?  Truly these are times when we were fully invested in the subject at hand.  This is the first step of  the transformative process.

I am working on completely changing my diet. Consistent inflammatory conditions led me to feeling lethargic and depleted of energy. Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a Raw Vegan group meeting.  I was so encouraged by the authentic ability for each person to discuss their challenges and strengths of transitioning to a plant based diet.  For me to be successful at this it is important to take off the “I know it all,” characteristic and be open to the possibility that I may need to lean on others for strength.

Truly it is not easy for me, but I know that with strong connections my transformation will come. I hope this will be the case for you as well

Our strength does not always come from might but it can come from the awareness that in our imperfections we can be made stronger by appreciating the good in each person.

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