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Busy schedules, challenges, and personal responsibilities are aspects of living in our society. In this life we may face difficult setbacks and may choose to either allow ourselves to ignore signs that we need to pause and reflect on our lives, or wait for tomorrow to make lasting life choices.

In TOMORROW CAN’T WAIT, Dr. Allana Da Graca teaches readers how to challenge negative thoughts that hinder individuals from reaching personal and professional goals. She reveals authentic moments of introspection gathered from her years of teaching students and adult learners.

Dr. Allana Da Graca teaches how we can:
• Challenge negative messages
• Set realistic goals
• Make a personal commitment to self-discovery
• Move from fear to faith
• Make room for life transformation

You will watch your life expand in a more meaningful manner as you understand how to make consistent choices that will lead you to a place of contentment. By completing the journal activities and assignments in this book your life will be opened with unlimited possibilities. Don’t wait to make life changes tomorrow when you can begin the process today!

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