Bonjour A Tous!  (Hello Everyone!)

Traveling abroad is a great opportunity to learn about others and learn about various communities. When I go to a new destination I always ask the following questions:


  1. What would it be like if I were to live here?
  2. What are the culinary options of choice?
  3. What is the typical day like for a woman in any of these countries?


Greatest Learning Moments in Libreville, Gabon

Nothing could prepare me for my travel abroad. Of course anyone going overseas will have to make sure that they are able to bring small treasures of home with them so that they can get over any initial culture shock. For this adventure I was able to follow the CDC report about items to bring. Some of this included toiletries and basic clothing items that would assist with helping me to dodge mosquitos and dry conditions.

My husband and I journeyed to Gabon to visit his family and friends. At this time I was still learning basic vocabulary and was happy if I could translate words like “Toilette” and “Fromage.” The initial plan to head into the Francophone country would have us travel to Paris first with Libreville as the final destination. 

Story to be continued….

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