We all hate it when we are working towards a goal and we see the sweat of our hard work oozing down the side of our face? There are times when this boulder of challenge seems to take the very wind out of us. This boulder can also cause such exertion that we forget that we can put a plank right where the challenge is to have a needed exhale moment. But why do we fail to pause when things get tough? Most people will say to push through your pain with a spirit that echoes strength and determination.

As I have gotten older I realize that I do not have to be the fastest to get to the level of success I envision. How many successful people do we know that achieved a goal and then conked out a few days later? We may have said I will only get four hours a sleep each day this week, but I will catch up my rest over the weekend.  Research has shown that many illnesses can be calmed by ample rest. I want to reach varying milestones, but I hope to be in a zen like state when I get there so I can enjoy the outcome of my hard work. There are some areas in my personal goals that I have had to re-consider. I am learning that this is ok. I am not in third grade striving to beat the other classmate in a game of tug of war.   Instead, I recognize that my best writing, teaching, strength training and more extends from a restful place. Sometimes we really have to plan to do “Nothing” so that we can appreciate the objectives that need our most attention.

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