Dr. D

No one cares to simply read another bombardment of words that are so polished that “reality” is removed

No one cares to keep seeing the hundreds of selfies that were taken at the last event or in the mall

No one cares about long titles that echo separation from any sense of unity

No one cares to dot the i’s and curve the Q’s

Younger minds are seeking for something new

The ideas of chiseling at one perspective has gotten old

The digital age is beckoning for a kaleidoscope of viewpoints

The older generation baffles at this multi-sided approach

Slow down!

I cannot keep up

In the midst of one line another chime extends itself

Asking for our attention


All messages can be taming

Drown out the authentic need for relationship and nurturement

Ironic to send so many status updates and tweets

Looking to build relationship

In all of the activity apathy can also be a companion

Lost in the shuffle of photos and texts

We seek to be connected



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