An awesome part of risk taking is the unknown answers to certain questions that can only come about from living the actual experience. Before hubby and I journeyed across the Atlantic, we decided to have somewhat of a brainstorm that mentioned all of the pros and cons about life abroad. Since we were not depending on retirement accounts, we were outlining our master plan as to how we would live abroad. In lieu of researching all of the preliminary steps for such a large move, I was happy to discover the Expat Focus blog. I met a few individuals who shared their experiences about living abroad and this was truly valuable. Once I arrived in Portugal, I wanted to capture all of the emotions I had about the experience and joined the Expat Focus blogging community. It served as a great outlet for me during my time abroad.

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Missing my MOMENT

15 years

5475 days of REGRET

525,600 minutes of DOUBT

788,400 minutes of RESENTMENT

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Personal Coaching: Demystify the concept of Aging and Ignite Your Goals


Now that I’m beyond the collegiate and post-graduate years, I notice

advertisements telling me how to soothe the aches and

pains of growing older. For me, the message is, “Allana,

you are getting older.”



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My mouth dropped as I saw the elephant foot prints. I truly felt like I was on the real Survivor show, but without the nature experience.

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I battled for the peace of my consciousness that I could subdue my raw talent (poetry, dance, theatre, song) in exchange for stability for a later time. My thoughts for creative ambiguity were re-charged when I listened to Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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We know that heartache can stem from a broken relationship, job loss or betrayal from a trusted friend. It can also be daunting to enter into a new phase of life where one feels completely isolated.

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The day you left is one I will never forget

I waited for 18 years to hear your words

A moment where you could look me in the eyes


A time when your words mattered

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About the Book


Busy schedules, challenges, and personal responsibilities are aspects of living in our society. In this life we may face difficult setbacks and may choose to either allow ourselves to ignore signs that we need to pause and reflect on our lives, or wait for tomorrow to make last...

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been invited to join the #mywritingprocess blog tour by Kaolin, the author who wrote Talking About Race: A Workbook About White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives ( I met Kaolin as an undergraduate student at the U...

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