Missing my MOMENT

15 years

5475 days of REGRET

525,600 minutes of DOUBT

788,400 minutes of RESENTMENT

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Foster mother seemed like a monster to me.  She was the female version of Hulk. A giant that I hoped I could escape from.  I stared at anything that would show my reflection to understand what made me so unacceptable.  Caretaker told me I was not worth hugging because I was too black for anyone to care.  She reminded me that my father would never accept me either as he believed I was a curse for his reputation.

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Dr. D

No one cares to simply read another bombardment of words that are so polished that “reality” is removed

No one cares to keep seeing the hundreds of selfies that were taken at the last event or in the mall

No one cares about long titles that echo separation from any sense of unity

No on...

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Anything is possible, but how many individuals understand the power of this word? Merriam Dictionary defines this as the ability for something to exist. The idea that something has a potential promise is something we can look to when we may fear not reaching certain goals in life. We can look at a s...

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